24×7 Water in India – March news

New 24×7 proposals and discussions (with rather rapid timetables!): Panaji says 24×7 for them in 3 years once water treatment plants are completed (but no specific 24×7 management plan), while Guwahati says four years (with a pilot in East Guwahati with ADB and Japanese bank funding assistance), and a small mention of a planned pilot of 24×7 in ThaneVisakhapatnam cleared the 24×7 project to be completed in two years.

Expansion of 24×7 planned in the budget of Karnataka that was recently approved which included 1700 crore to expand Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum, and Gulbarga’s 24×7 and 146 crore for Mangalore’s.  Nagpur’s JNNURM project for 24×7 is reportedly 68% done for the pilot areas and 1% done for the city (I’m not sure what that percent quite means).

The dry season is heating up with reports of reduced water availability around the country.  In Pune, construction sites will no longer get water, but more dramatically a newspaper in Mangalore announced that the nearby dam had only 9 day’s supply of water. According to this article, it suggests that some of the problems with achieving 24×7 in Mangalore have been due to a reduced budget which did not allow for rehabilitation of old pipelines, leading to high leakage rates especially in transmission lines.

Housing societies in Ahmedabad have apparently taken it upon themselves to install water meters to encourage conservation – reportedly using less water and reducing down their electricity bill.  Debate still ongoing about installing meters in Pune.

Also, in attempting to start collecting leakage rates in various cities:


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